PHOTOS: SabrEx for Corn Performs in Drought 2012

PHOTOS: SabrEx for Corn Performs in Drought 2012

September 7th, 2012

For many farmers the drought of 2012 has reeked havoc on crop production. Last week, our Facebook page attracted a lot of attention from growers when we posted pictures of a plot that contained corn grown both treated and untreated corn seed. In fact, we gained more attention from this photo album than when we posted the music video “I’m Farming and I Grow it” by The Peterson Farm Boys! The photo’s of SabrEx for Corn performing during drought can be found below.

On August 30, 2012, ABM’s representatives visited a test plot under major drought conditions to sample the performance of corn when seeds are treated with SabrEx for Corn. Suffering from high temperatures and poor germination the plot had received no measurable rain since May of 2012. In order to prevent bias, the grower selected the area for sampling and randomly pulled 20 ears of both the treated and untreated corn. From the 20 ears of untreated corn, only 5 ears were viable for market. Where as 13 of the 20 ears grown from seeds treated with SabrEx proved viable. From this sample we can estimate SabrEx for corn yielded a 20 bushel increase over the untreated corn seed. The hybrid used in this sample was also known to have weak roots. Upon a root dig, SabrEx was shown to increase both root mass and the development of fibrous root hair.


Left: Row of Corn from Untreated Seed, Right: Corn from seeds treated with SabrEx for Corn

 Stalks of Corn grown with Untreated Seeds


Ear of Corn on the stalk grown with Untreated Seed


Corn on the Stalk grown with SabrEx Treated Seeds


Corn Grown from Untreated Seeds


Row of Corn from SabrEx treated seeds


Ears of Corn Grown with Untreated Seeds


Ears of Corn Grown With SabrEx Treated Seeds

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