Naturall™ for Vegetables FAQ

Naturall™ for Vegetables FAQ

November 27th, 2012

What is Naturall™ for Vegetables?

Naturall™ for Vegetables is an inoculant, or seed treatment, containing proprietary and patent pending biologicals called Trichoderma that colonize the root system of plants.  Crop stress such as disease and dry weather can be alleviated, and often systemically so that root colonization of the treatment benefits the physiology of the whole plant resulting in higher yields.

What is Trichoderma and how does it work?

Trichoderma is a fungi that is found in soils all over the world.  There are thousands of known Trichoderma strains but only a few are beneficial to plants.  Trichoderma colonizes with the plants root system and develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant.  The Trichoderma feed from the starches and sugars produced by the plant while exuding beneficial enzymes and proteins for the host plants use. As a result the plant produces a larger root system, improves resistance to stresses such as diseases, and improves its nitrogen and water use efficiency, thus resulting in higher yields.

ABM, in working with Dr. Gary Harman of Cornell University, has developed the technology to isolate and identify specific strains of beneficial Trichoderma.  Once the strains are identified and isolated, ABM tests each strain with various crops to determine which crop receives the most benefit from each strain of Trichoderma.  After thorough testing, a formulation is produced and brought to market to benefit farmers.

What seed products can Naturall for Vegetables be used with?

Naturall™ for Vegetables can be used on many types of vegetables such as Cucurbits, Leafy Vegetables and Cole Crops, Bulb Crops, Root Crops, and Tuber Crops.  See the label for a detailed listing of specific vegetable crops.

How do I apply Naturall™ for Vegetables to my seed?

Naturall™ for Vegetables comes in two different formulations:

Naturall™ for Vegetables PB is a planter box treatment that can be added just before planting at the planter box. It consists of a talc/graphite formulation as the carrier for the Trichoderma.   Specific rates for each vegetable crop can be seen on the Naturall™ for Vegetable label.  Make sure to mix the Naturall™ for Vegetables PB thoroughly with the seed. It should be noted; The talc/graphite formulation also helps to lubricate your planter equipment and also helps provide seed flowability.  Naturall™ for Vegetables PB will not replace your talc or graphite that you’ve been using, however it will complement your treatment.

Naturall™ for Vegetables HC is a high concentrate formulation specifically formulated for transplant crops.  It can be applied in-furrow or as a root dip, with or without a starter solution prior to transplanting.  When using water, use only non-chlorinated water.  See Naturall™ for Vegetables label for specific crop rates.

How is Naturall™ for Vegetables packaged?

Naturall™ for Vegetables PB is packaged in 16 oz. pouches that include a measuring scoop.  One pouch can treat up to 200 lbs. of seed depending on the crop.  One case contains 6 pouches. Naturall™ for Vegetables HC comes in two package sizes:  4 oz. and 16 oz. pouches. There are 12-4 oz. pouches in a case and 6-16 oz. pouches in a case.

How much does Naturall™ for Vegetables cost?

Typically ABM’s suggested retail cost for a 16 oz. pouch of Naturall™ for Vegetables PB is around $117/pouch, the Naturall for Vegetables HC 4 oz. pouches is around $21.50/pouch and the Naturall™ for Vegetables HC 16 oz. pouch is around $156.17/pouch.  Cost per acre will vary with different vegetables and planting rates.  Prices may vary.

Where can I buy Naturall™ for Vegetables?

Ask your vegetable seed supplier, or see your local ag retailer or co-op. Still can’t find it? Give ABM a call at 866-335-5994 and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What if I don’t use all of the Naturall™ for Vegetables this year?

Naturall™ for Vegetables PB and HC have a two year expiration date in the container.  You will need to store the unused product in a cool dry place until next season.  Each package is stamped with its expiration date for your convenience.