Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans FAQ

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans FAQ

January 18th, 2013

What is Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans?

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is an inoculant, or seed treatment, containing a specially formulated blend of Excalibre® Soybean inoculant plus SabrEx™ Root Inoculant formulated in a talc-graphite carrier. Graph-Ex SA™ is comprised of both proprietary beneficial bacteria (Bradyrhizobia) and beneficial fungi (Trichoderma) that provide a more efficient use of soil nutrients for the host plant.

What is rhizobia and how does it work?

Bradyrhizobia are soil bacteria that fix nitrogen after becoming established inside root nodules of legumes. Rhizobia require a plant host; they cannot independently fix nitrogen.

At ABM, our proprietary Bradyrhizobia for soybeans is specific to these crops in helping the plant to establish nitrogen fixing nodules that will convert atmospheric nitrogen to nitrogen that is useable by the plant.

What does the SA mean?

The SA means that ABM has also added our proprietary, patent pending Trichoderma strain found in SabrEx™ root inoculant found to be beneficial in soybean production.

What is Trichoderma and how does it work?

Trichoderma is a fungi that is found in soils all over the world.  There are thousands of known Trichoderma strains but only a few are beneficial to plants.  Trichoderma colonizes with the plants root system and develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant.  The Trichoderma feed from the starches and sugars produced by the plant; while exuding beneficial enzymes and proteins for the host plant. As a result the plant produces a larger root system, improves resistance to stresses such as diseases, and improves its nitrogen and water use efficiency, thus resulting in higher yields.

ABM, in working with Dr. Gary Harman of Cornell University, has developed the technology to isolate and identify specific strains of beneficial Trichoderma.  Once the strains are identified and isolated, ABM tests each strain, or combinations of strains, with various crops to determine which crop receives the most benefit from each strain of Trichoderma.  After thorough testing, a formulation is produced and brought to market to benefit farmers.

How do I apply Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans to my seed?

GraphEx-SA™ for Soybeans is a planter box treatment that can be added just before planting at the planter box.  It consists of a talc/graphite formulation as the carrier for the Bradyrhizobia and Trichoderma.   You will add .5 oz. of Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans to every unit of seed you add to your drill/planter.  Make sure to mix Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans thoroughly with the seed. It should be noted; the talc/graphite formulation also helps to lubricate your planter equipment and also helps provide seed flowability.  This is important as it will minimize seed hang-ups in your equipment and reduces the wear and tear on your units.

Under what environmental conditions should I use more than the recommended rate of Graph-Ex SA™ on my soybeans?

To maximize yield potential: ABM recommends a double (2x) inoculant rate when planting soybeans under the following soil conditions:

1)     Soil that has not hosted the specific legume for more than 3 years.

2)     Soil pH of less than 5.8 or greater than 8.5

3)     Organic matter less than 1%

4)     Drought or flooding

5)     Soil Temperatures exceeding 80 degrees F

6)     Eroded soil

7)     Use of soil treatments and chemicals injurious to soil bacteria and inoculants

What if my soybeans are already treated with an inoculant, can I still use Graph-Ex SA™ for my double rate?

Yes.  Using a different source of inoculant is a good choice.

Once I apply the Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans to my seed, how long can I wait to plant the seed?

Once you have applied Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans to your seed it is best to plant it immediately.  Occasionally, delays can be expected in farming, however after 72 hours you will need to re-treat your seed with Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans.

What if my seed is already treated with insecticide and/or fungicide, can I still use Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans?

Yes.  Apply Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans to your seed only after the pesticide products have dried.

Where can I get Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans?

ABM does not sell directly to the grower. You can contact your Seed Company, local ag retailer or co-op to purchase ABM products. Still can’t find it? Feel free to give us a call at 866-335-5994 and we will point you to the nearest location for purchase.

How much does Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans cost?

Typically ABM’s suggested retail cost for Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is around $3.35/unit of seed.  However, prices may vary.

How is the Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans packaged?

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is packaged in 25 oz. pouches.  One pouch will treat 50-units of seed.  One case contains 6 pouches that will treat a total of 300-units units of seed.

What if I don’t use all of the Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans that I purchased this year?

Graph-Ex SA™ for Soybeans is good for one season. What you don’t use will not be good for the next year.  Each package is stamped with its expiration date.